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Admissions Process

Guided Journey to Care

At the Children’s Center at the Phoenix, we believe in making every step of the admission process as seamless and supportive as possible. Our Admissions Department embraces an open-door policy, ensuring we're here to assist families every step of the way—before, during, and after your child's admission.

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Referral Process

The Children’s Center at the Phoenix warmly welcomes referrals from across New Jersey, New York, other states, and even internationally. Upon receiving a referral, we promptly conduct an on-site evaluation at the child’s current location—be it their home or a hospital—to accurately assess their skilled nursing requirements. We also invite families for a facility tour and discussion, ensuring any questions or concerns about care placement are thoroughly addressed.

Tailored Referral Lists

Our center maintains two distinct referral lists catering to the needs of both non-ventilator and ventilator-dependent children. As soon as a suitable bed becomes available, it is offered to the next eligible child on the respective waiting list, following a medical team's confirmation of the child's stability for transfer. The process then advances to securing financial coverage, where we coordinate with commercial payers or managed Medicaid to obtain necessary medical and financial approvals prior to admission.

Accommodations for Traveling Families

For families traveling from afar, we've coordinated with the nearby Holiday Inn Express to provide comfortable accommodations. We understand that proximity and ease during this time are paramount, and we strive to make your experience as convenient as possible.

Pre-Admission Engagement

Within a week of the planned admission, we encourage a family visit to our facility for a comprehensive tour and a meeting with our dedicated team, if this has not already occurred. This step is crucial for establishing open communication and trust between our clinical team and the families we serve. Our admissions team also arranges for all essential pre-admission testing during this period, ensuring a smooth transition to our care.

Day of Admission

On the admission day, we require family presence to complete the necessary paperwork, offering transportation assistance if needed. To ease the transition, The Children’s Center provides taxi passes for family visits and a complimentary meal on the admission day, aiming to keep the experience as stress-free as possible.

Post-Admission Care and Communication

Post-admission, a social worker coordinates a care plan meeting with our interdisciplinary team within 48 hours, inviting family participation in person or via phone conference calls. This inclusive approach helps tailor our care to each child's needs, maintaining high-quality care and open communication lines with families.

Comprehensive Support Team

Each child benefits from a dedicated social worker, a primary nurse, and for those requiring respiratory care, a primary respiratory therapist. Our in-house nurse practitioners enhance our medical support, ensuring comprehensive care within our facility.

Continuous Support

The Admission Department's open-door policy underscores our commitment to supporting families throughout their journey with us, ensuring a seamless transition and continuous care experience at The Children’s Center at the Phoenix.

Scan to download Alexandra's Contact Information for all admission related inquiries

For all admissions related inquiries, please contact Alexandra Minaya at (908) 907-7136
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