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Al Salam Program

The Al Salam Program is a pioneering initiative designed to provide culturally sensitive respite and medical care that honors the values and practices of the Islamic community. Understanding the unique needs of Muslim families, our program ensures that every aspect of care respects and reflects Islamic traditions, providing support not just during Islamic holidays but throughout the entire year.


Core Features of the Al Salam Program

  • Halal Nutritional Support: Our facility provides Halal meals prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws, ensuring that the nutritional needs of our patients are met with the highest standards of compliance and respect.

  • Prayer and Spiritual Accommodations: Recognizing the importance of prayer in daily life, we offer designated prayer areas and schedule accommodations to support spiritual practices.

  • Cultural Competency Training for Staff: Our staff receives ongoing training in cultural competency to ensure that the care provided is respectful, informed, and aligned with the needs of our Muslim patients and their families.

  • Transportation Services: To facilitate access to our care, we provide transportation services, ensuring families can easily visit their loved ones or attend appointments without the added stress of travel logistics.

Benefits of the Al Salam Program

  • Holistic Islamic Care: Tailored to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of Muslim children, our program provides a nurturing environment that aligns with Islamic values.

  • Community and Connection: The Al Salam Program fosters a sense of community among patients and families, offering a network of support grounded in shared faith and practices.

  • Comprehensive Support for Families: Beyond medical care, we offer resources, counseling, and educational services to support families in navigating their child’s health journey within the framework of Islamic traditions.

Our Commitment to the Muslim Community

The Al Salam Program is more than a healthcare initiative; it's a commitment to serving the Muslim community by ensuring that every child and family receives care that honors their faith and cultural identity. As the only pediatric facility offering such targeted respite and medical services in a skilled nursing setting, we are proud to be a trusted resource for Muslim families.

Learn how the Al Salam Program can provide your family with specialized care that respects your cultural and religious values, allowing you to focus on healing and togetherness with peace of mind.

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