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Educational Excellence for Every Child

The Children’s Center at the Phoenix collaborates with local educational agencies (LEA) to customize educational experiences for each child. These personalized learning opportunities are implemented either on-site or through local community school options. In-house services are specifically designed to address the unique needs of medically fragile children, requiring continuous and high-level skilled nursing care. Additionally, residents can access community school options when deemed appropriate.

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Certified Expertise

Our dedicated teaching staff consists entirely of New Jersey State Certified Teachers of the Handicapped, ensuring that every child receives the highest standard of educational support tailored to their unique needs.

Innovative Learning Approach

We believe in a multi-sensory approach to education, engaging students through an interdisciplinary and functional model that integrates various stimuli and real-world contexts. This method is especially beneficial for children who require continuous, high-level skilled nursing care, as it supports comprehensive cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Beyond the Classroom

Recognizing the diverse needs and potentials of our students, we also offer opportunities for integration into community school settings when appropriate. This option allows our residents to experience a broader educational environment while still receiving the specialized support they need.

Our goal is to ensure that every child, regardless of their medical challenges, has access to a fulfilling and enriching educational experience that promotes their intellectual growth and prepares them for a bright future.


Check out our monthly educational newsletter, produced by the Northern Region Educational Services Commission. 

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