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About Us

A Legacy of Compassionate Care

At the heart of the Phoenix Center for Rehabilitation and Pediatrics lies a deep-rooted passion for delivering unparalleled care, embodied by our compassionate and expert team. With a rich history of excellence, we have cultivated an environment where warmth greets you at the door, and healing is fostered in every interaction.

Our Commitment to Healing

From the welcoming smiles of our nurses to the encouraging words of our therapists, every member of our team contributes to a vibrant atmosphere that champions recovery and restoration. It's this unique blend of professional expertise and genuine care that has established the Phoenix Center as the premier facility for both pediatric and geriatric rehabilitation in the tri-state area.

Excellence in Clinical Care

Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of clinical care is what distinguishes us. We achieve this through the integration of leading-edge medical and therapeutic equipment, the implementation of enriching programs designed to accelerate the healing process, and, most importantly, our team of highly-trained doctors who are pioneers in their respective fields.

Geriatric Rehabilitation at the Phoenix Center

Understanding the unique needs of our elder residents, we provide a tailored approach to rehabilitation that focuses on achieving faster recoveries, preserving function, and ensuring superior outcomes. Our comprehensive care model supports not just the physical aspects of rehabilitation but also addresses the emotional and social needs of our residents and their families.

Our Facility

Nestled in Haskell, NJ, the Phoenix Center boasts a 92-bed skilled nursing facility that includes a state-of-the-art respiratory care program for children. For our elderly residents, we offer a sanctuary where healing is supported by the latest in medical technology and enriched by a variety of programs aimed at enhancing quality of life.

Why Choose Us

Choosing the Phoenix Center means entrusting your care or that of your loved one to a team that goes above and beyond. It means becoming part of a community where every resident's journey towards wellness is our highest priority. Here, you'll find not just caregivers, but advocates, dedicated to ensuring comfort, dignity, and the highest quality of life for all.

Discover the difference compassionate, expert care can make at the Phoenix Center for Rehabilitation and Pediatrics. Join us in our commitment to setting new standards in healthcare and rehabilitation, where every recovery story is a testament to our legacy of care.

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