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Rejuvenating Respite Care Services

At the Children’s Center at the Phoenix, we understand the journey of caregiving is both rewarding and challenging. That’s why our Respite Care Program is designed to provide families with a compassionate and professional care option for their loved ones, allowing caregivers the opportunity to take a well-deserved break, attend family events, or simply recharge.

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Tailored Support for Every Family

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, attending a special event, or in need of some time to rejuvenate, our respite care services offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child is in expert hands. Our facility is uniquely equipped to provide comprehensive care in a skilled nursing setting, tailored to meet the full spectrum of your child’s needs.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Care

Our dedicated interdisciplinary team is at the heart of our Respite Care Program. Comprising specialists from various fields, we ensure that every child receives personalized attention and exceptional care during their stay. Our team is available whenever you need us, ready to support your family with professional care that feels like home.

A Unique Pediatric Respite Care Facility

The Children’s Center at the Phoenix stands out as the only pediatric facility offering specialized respite care services within a skilled nursing environment. This distinction underlines our commitment to filling a vital need in the community, providing a safe, nurturing, and medically equipped setting for children requiring temporary care.

Peace of Mind for Families

We believe that respite care is essential not just for the well-being of caregivers but also for maintaining the overall health and happiness of the family unit. By choosing The Children’s Center at the Phoenix for your respite care needs, you entrust your child to a team that values their well-being as much as you do, ensuring they are cared for, engaged, and supported in your absence.

Discover the support and relief our Respite Care Program can offer. It’s more than a service—it’s our commitment to supporting families and ensuring every child feels valued, cared for, and safe.

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