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Traumatic Brain Injury

At the Children’s Center at the Phoenix, we understand the profound impact a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have on a child and their family. Our TBI program is dedicated to supporting residents as they navigate the complexities of recovery from physical, psychological, and cognitive impairments caused by their injury.

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Personalized Rehabilitation Programs

Our mission is to deliver a holistic rehabilitation program tailored to maximize each resident's recovery potential. By employing a highly trained and empathetic team, we ensure a personalized approach to care. Our professionals invest time in building relationships with each resident and their family, fostering a secure and nurturing environment that feels like home.

Collaborative and Family-Centered Approach

Understanding that recovery is a journey shared with loved ones, our team collaborates closely with residents and their families to craft individualized care plans. These plans are designed to promote optimal physical and mental recovery, addressing the unique needs and goals of each child. We recognize families as vital partners in this process, deeply involved in their child's progress and well-being.

Multidisciplinary Team Support

Our comprehensive care team includes a range of specialists—physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists, and more—all working in concert to support the multifaceted needs of TBI survivors. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that every aspect of a resident's recovery is addressed, from regaining physical mobility to enhancing cognitive functions and emotional resilience.

Empowering Residents and Families

Empowerment and active participation are key to our program. We encourage residents and their families to take an active role in the rehabilitation process, providing education, support, and resources to navigate the recovery journey together. Our aim is to not only aid in recovery but also to equip our residents and their families with the knowledge and skills needed for a fulfilling life post-injury.

At the Children’s Center at the Phoenix, we are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care for children recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Our goal is to support each child in achieving their fullest potential, ensuring a future bright with possibility and hope.

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